September 4, 2012

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Tuesday September 4, 2012

Re: TNP Group and TNP Owner, Laura de Souza

Laura de Souza did a wonderful job of rescuing the Ingersoll Block Parents’ web site from electronic oblivion and got us up and running again! For us, she willingly negotiated the way through the bureaucracy of our previous web server, found us a better server, recovered what was left of our files, re-built our site, and taught me how to make updates. Ingersoll Block Parents is truly happy and grateful for the work Laura did for us.

I highly recommend Laura’s web site services to other people. In fact, I plan on hiring her myself to build my personal website.

Cathy Mott
Vice-Chair, Ingersoll Block Parents


“I am really happy with your service, it is exceptional, TNP Group is just great. When I have a question they answer it at once, they have more than an outstanding customer service. After having a bad experience with my old Web Designer Company, I would say that TNP Group people are very professional and their knowledge is incredible, they also solve problems very fast, I am impressed. I recommend TNP Group to all my customers, friends and clients.

Thank you for your patience and your great job.

Joseph Racz
Atlantis Paint & Design


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