January 4, 2011

Fully Loaded E-Commerce Sites

On the outside, a site can look pretty basic. On the inside, it can be a very complicated mixture of coding to bring the desired results and functionality to the client and to the consumer.  Check out the interior workings of this website; www.ingersollhomeaccents.com (be sure to do a Google Search for “home accents Ontario”)

1. SEO (search engine optimization) -

*Addition of page to 40+ search engines including the top 3 (yahoo, google, bing).
*Title keyword phrase for each page, Meta description tags (using a tool to compare competitors who appear in the top location of a search and through view source), rich with keyword, keep track of page ranking
*Bold titles, Alt text for graphics, Sitemap, keyword analysis for site content/domain name
*Addition of related links to the page (outbound to .gov, .edu, .org, wiki, international etc.)
*Social networking avenues (facebook, twitter, add this button etc.)
*Inbound links through 411.ca, yellowpages, blogs, message boards and other sources
*High page ranking sites to link to page (3 or higher by adding to guestbooks, blogs, listings.ca) – set up e-mail signature with web address, Redirection of parked domains for SEO

2. Programming -

*Installation of  osCommerce, plugins, patches etc. Involves set up of shipping module, security module, plugins for inventory control (downloadable to Quickbooks or into MS Excel for example).  Shopping cart set up (paypal, merchants) along with other features such as wish list, e-mail newsletter
*Category setup, uploading of product images, training session for clients to maintain and update the page independently
*Blog for adding articles, news, related content to keep the page relevant and current

3. Web Design -

*Custom design for each page with the usage of flash and or 3d animation to make the page unique (including the blog)

4. Marketing -

*Marketing language for website as well as Kijiji ad to bring new customers to the website

5. Monthly SEO -

*Keyword implementation for national searching over a 6 month period, backlinking, minor site updating

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June 24, 2010

Our Latest E-commerce creation

E-commerce is one of those daunting tasks that many attempt to be successful at. Not only is setting up a proper on-line store important with up to date security features, you must be able to handle the sales and marketing aspect of your business as well. Without adequate sales experience, I would not recommend setting up an online store until your confident you can sell your product via telephone, door-to-door sales, through family and friends, and other advertising mediums.

Once you’re comfortable with that, broadcasting your online store over the internet can be fun and enjoyable. There are many ways to get noticed online, and many of them are free. You can submit your site to online directories, and make sure the search engines know you’re there by submitting to them. You can also write articles on a blog or post articles. Discussion boards are great also for getting the word out there about your business.

Be sure to visit our latest e-commerce creation of the Ingersoll Home Accents store and take a look at these interesting ideas on how to decorate your home with nature.


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