October 29, 2010

Dynamic Websites

In the Web World today, people are coming up with more complicated ideas for their business websites. We at TNP Group have solutions to build custom dynamic websites to your exact specifications.  Recently built, we have successfully created a Flash CMS (Content Management System) design tool where customers can make their own funny pets signs with their favourite pet pictures.

You are welcome to take if for a test drive at www.petsonpatrol.ca;

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October 8, 2010

Promotional Offer

For a short time only, we are offering a free professionally designed WordPress blog if you choose one of our simple site web packages.  This offer will expire by October 30th, 2010. Check out our ability to turn your WordPress blog into a professional yet simple look.  (Expired until November 30th, 2010. This promotion will run for a few days each month)





We can also build blogs that embed right into your website;



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September 15, 2010

Green and White

There is something about Green and White that is attractive.  When building your website, and determining the colour scheme, make sure you do a little bit of marketing research first.   Red & Black are aggressive colours, while Blue tends to make people thirsty.  Orange and Yellow stand out and remind people of summer, Green and White are pristine and/or clean colours.

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September 3, 2010

Hosting Companies

When seeking out a hosting company, be sure to check out their reviews. In the complex world of the web today, high security features in a web hosting company matter.

To protect yourself and your website, please take a look at the Top 10 Hosting Companies.


Blogging is becoming increasingly popular these days. WordPress has a new feature where you can have multiple blogs (domains) in one control panel interface. It’s called Multisite Domain Mapping.

This allows you to conveniently manage all of your blogs from one login page.

More Info

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August 2, 2010

Television Marketing

The world of 3D animation is becoming the norm in our high tech world. Take a look at what’s becoming popular for those getting married.

Located in Brampton, Ontario, Adamas is working for you to make your selection choices more convenient. Recently featured on Breakfast Television, here’s the  Director of Adamas.

Why Adamas?
Largest online selection of certified high quality loose diamonds.
Largest online selection of diamond rings.
Largest selection of high quality diamond jewelry for any occasion.
We have diamond and diamond jewelry for every budget.
You can personalize your jewelry right down to the last carat.
We give you nothing less than what you desire.
Certification is especially for public trust in jewelry standards. View More
Adamas recognizes the importance of understanding exactly what you are buying. View More
Build your own ring. View More
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