July 26, 2010

Our Latest Creation

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July 18, 2010

Internet Marketing

Creating a website today is no different than getting a business card made. It’s essentially your business card online. Everyone is doing it, and we’re all taught that successful business owners have websites. If you put your business card in front of someone, will they buy your products? Not necessarily, marketing is your key to success More

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July 5, 2010

Try this Backlinking Tool for Manual Linking

One of the keys to backlinking is making sure the pages you’re linked to are relevant to your business. The quality of your backlinks will help increase your ranking.  If you have spare time, you can work on your own backlinking campaign using this free tool;

Backlink Builder

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July 1, 2010

What is Backlinking for SEO?

Many people ask for SEO, and most get frustrated by the enormous amount of information out there to obtain a spot on the first page of Google. It’s really quite easy, the issue that pertains to SEO is that it’s tremendously time consuming. You can obtain a position on the first page of Google (depending on the competition for the keyword you want) by following 4 simple steps.

meta tags

Meta Tags

1. Make sure you insert Meta tags into the back-end code for your website. You’ll need a good title tag, Meta keywords, Meta description, robots, and revisit tags. You can generate Meta tags for free on this website;  Submit Corner. Make sure you use the Google Keyword tool to choose the appropriate keywords. Also take a look at your competition by right clicking on their website and selecting “view source”. If you’re unfamiliar with how to insert the code into your site, have your web developer insert them on each page.



2. Does your site have a blog? Google loves blogs because they are updated on a regular basis. Google’s definition of an important website is one that changes frequently, and therefore your page can rank higher. You can set up a free blog with Blogger, or have your web developer build a professional one using Word Press or Nucleus.

keyword density

Keyword Density

3. Alt tags are important component of SEO. They are basically little tags that you insert into the back end code of your website behind all the graphics. Not only are these important, but the actually written material on your website will help Google find you as well. Ideally you want to have more keywords written in your content than your competitors, and you can check to see how many times certain keywords appear in their site by using a Keyword Density Tool



4. Last but not least, there’s a known SEO term out there called Back-linking. All it means is you’ve placed your web site address on directories, blogs, forums, or high ranking websites like Facebook and those particular websites link back to you. So let’s say we’re buddies, I have a ranking of 2, you have a ranking of 3. I offer to put your link on my website if you put mine on yours. That’s basically how it works. You can see how many back links your competitors have using a tool and start back linking using the same resources they are.

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June 24, 2010

Our Latest E-commerce creation

E-commerce is one of those daunting tasks that many attempt to be successful at. Not only is setting up a proper on-line store important with up to date security features, you must be able to handle the sales and marketing aspect of your business as well. Without adequate sales experience, I would not recommend setting up an online store until your confident you can sell your product via telephone, door-to-door sales, through family and friends, and other advertising mediums.

Once you’re comfortable with that, broadcasting your online store over the internet can be fun and enjoyable. There are many ways to get noticed online, and many of them are free. You can submit your site to online directories, and make sure the search engines know you’re there by submitting to them. You can also write articles on a blog or post articles. Discussion boards are great also for getting the word out there about your business.

Be sure to visit our latest e-commerce creation of the Ingersoll Home Accents store and take a look at these interesting ideas on how to decorate your home with nature.


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