June 22, 2012

Build an Effective Mobile Strategy


It can be a challenge convincing clients to add new strategies to their existing Web presence.

In a perfect world, a client would simply say, “You’re the expert. You know what’s best. Do whatever needs to be done to make it happen!” But, unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like that.


Granted, we shouldn’t expect smart business managers to implement every new thing just because we tell them it’s a good idea. That wouldn’t be cost effective. But what if you know in your gut that the future of a client’s business may be at stake?

With Google executives saying things like “I believe that in 3 years desktop computers will be irrelevant…” and studies by Gartner stating that “Websites not formatted for the smaller screen will become a market barrier…” the Mobile Web is one of your gut instincts you want your clients to follow. And follow now!

In a state of desperate urgency, you may be tempted to place all diplomacy aside, and just tell it to them straight, perhaps even reminding them of those other times they put off your advice. I like to call this the “Timeline of Lost Opportunities” tactic. READ MORE

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January 10, 2012

Have you thought of the mobile trend for your website?

In an attempt to grow your business, you’ve spent countless hours and plenty of cash to develop an interactive app to draw mobile users to your brand. You connect with them through all the social media outlets, and you text message them special savings and deals to lure them to your website. But have you configured a mobile-friendly website that allows users to interact with your brand on their time?

If you don’t have a mobile website, you may be doing your business a major disservice. According to signalnews.com, 16.7 million users over the age of 13 rely on their phones for Internet access. If your site isn’t compatible for mobile use, you might be losing out on a lot of traffic.

How do you connect with all those on-the-go users? Many of today’s mobile users look to their devices as more than a talking piece; most phones are designed as tools for entertainment (videos, music, and general web use) and real-time … READ MORE