Option 3

-up to 10 pages or more, addition of stock images, graphically edited for each page
-addition of stock images, graphically edited for each page
-Web design quality (Each page is specifically tailored with a nice design, nice graphics, all custom), dynamic layout, 2013 responsive layout and structure. Mobile friendly
-place text content on the site with pictures in professional format and set up gallery
-We will supply the pictures for the background/design & flash
-Contact us form, Google Maps, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions
-New logo design if needed, or touch ups
-Live chat support and calendar function. Downloadable PDFs for info
-News and events section that you can update easily (blog), Testimonials section
-Site will come SEO friendly, Meta Tags added and Search Engine Submission (e.g. addition of Social media (facebook/twitter/youtube), submit site to Google)
-Social media page setup included. (including Google Plus)

Old Price: $2,000.00

Price: $1,499.00

You save: $501.00

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